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Welcome to our platform dedicated to robotics, programming, and STEAM education for teachers and parents alike!

Empowering educators and parents with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation is our mission. In a world where robotics and programming skills are becoming increasingly essential, we provide comprehensive resources, training, and support to ensure that educators and parents can confidently integrate these subjects into their teaching and parenting practices.

Whether you’re a seasoned educator looking to enhance your curriculum with robotics and programming modules, or a parent eager to foster your child’s interest in STEM through engaging activities, we’ve got you covered. Our platform offers a wealth of curated lesson plans, tutorials, and hands-on projects designed to make learning both accessible and enjoyable.

From beginner basics to advanced concepts, our courses cater to learners of all levels. We believe in hands-on, experiential learning, where students can apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking abilities along the way.

Join us in preparing the next generation for success in a technology-driven world. Together, let’s inspire curiosity, ignite passion, and unlock the potential of every learner through robotics, programming, and STEAM education. Start exploring today and embark on a journey of discovery and innovation with us!

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Learn to use these elements in your classes! With both micro:bit and Makey Maey, you can create and build the most diverse projects with your students. In this way, they will not only put programming into practice, but also expand their imagination and put teamwork into practice.

In this course you will learn to use different elements of robotics and how to link them with your classes. In addition, you can carry out different activities with simulators, which makes the task easier if you don’t have the necessary elements.

Do you like programming? This is your opportunity to start incorporating it into your classes! In this course you will learn to carry out different activities with your students, linking different subjects with elements of programming.

Learn the basic elements of computational thinking to apply them in your classes! This way you can create different projects with your students so that they learn in a fun and different way.

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